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Whether you run, jump, throw, kick, catch, punch, flip, or skate, or slide, you athletes push your bodies to the limits. If you participate in any sport, you're probably in pretty good shape, but repeated physical stress can still take its toll on your body. The constant exertion put on muscles can not only injure you outright, but it can also increase the risk of injury over time, and such injuries can delay training, diminish conditioning, keep you out of events -- and they just plain hurt. 

Many athletes may think of massage as a recovery method, something to look to only after getting injured. While massage can help you heal from an injury, modern sports massage can actually help you prevent injuries before they happen. See, massage after workouts can encourage muscle cells to grow new mitochondria (you probably heard these called "the powerhouses of the cell" when in high school biology). Mitochondria help your muscle cells produce energy, and when you push your body to the limit as an athlete, you need that energy. 

Cullen is an athlete and aerialist, so he knows all about injury rehabilitation and prevention. He uses his skills as a massage therapist in conjunction with his first-hand knowledge of the pain and stress athletes put their bodies through. As a result, he can tailor massages that will help you recover from injuries faster, improve your flexibility (preventing future injuries), and get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

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