Life is stressful, and that can affect more than just how you feel. When you're stressed, your muscles tense up, your breathing and heart rate can increase, your immune system becomes more active, along with other physiological responses. Unfortunately, modern life involves a lot of long-term stress, so your body doesn't get a chance to say "okay, time to stop reacting like this and return to normal."


When you're body is always in "stress mode," it can cause problems with your cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, and immune systems, among others, which has a potential to bring about other health issues like musculoskeletal disorders, heart disease, diabetes, sleep difficulty (which can lead to serious mental and physical problems), and much more. 


That's where massage comes into play. You can interrupt this cycle of stress and help your brain send those signals to the body saying "it's alright, you can relax now." Massage has been proven to reduce stress, and it can even help with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and even helps with alertness and computational skills, (as shown by several studies, including this one in the International Journal of Neuroscience).


Cullen is trained in several relaxation techniques, including Swedish massage (one of the most popular methods), and he customizes each massage to maximize your relaxation according to your needs.  

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