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It isn't easy living with pain. Whether your pain is sudden from heavy lifting, working out, or even just turning wrong (we've been there!), or if it is chronic from an old injury or illness, massage can help. Pain causes muscles to tense up, and it's common for pain sufferers to adapt by compensating (like when you lean more heavily on the right foot when your left foot hurts). The issue here is that you can actually cause damage by compensating, leaving you with even more pain!

Cullen is highly educated on the interconnectivity of the muscular system, meaning he knows not only how to relieve pain, but he can also help find its source and prevent further pain, rather than just tackling the symptoms. For example, muscular tension in the neck and shoulders can cause headaches, tingling in the fingers, and soreness in the upper arm. Because Cullen knows how these muscles interact, he can trace the issue back to the source and resolve it, helping you live your life more pain free. 

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